How to make the most out of your Google AdWords budget

Google AdWords best resultsMarketing is a core aspect of building a business that anyone looking to achieve growth must embrace. While implementing a marketing strategy, you need to use creative methods of promotion that can help you to penetrate through the hard wall created by competition. One of the platforms people use to manage their marketing strategies and campaigns is AdWords, which comes at a cost. If you have a modest budget and you would like to achieve a lot with it, you should then consider embracing ideas that can help you to boost the effect derived from your campaigns.

Add popups

Converting users is one of the things you look forward to achieve when you set up a landing page. When a user arrives at your landing page, you can let your content do the talking, but to increase chances of conversion, you can embrace something that can add a push. Adding a popup is a perfect way to capture the attention of users and refer them to your latest offers. You have five types of popups that you can use which include scroll popups, exit popups, timed popups, entry popups and clock popups.

Each type of popup comes with unique benefits and disadvantages, so when choosing consider these factors to ensure visitors enjoy a beneficial experience. Applying an exit popup that offers a discount on an offer can stop a fraction of traffic generated through AdWords, which translates to less spending and more conversions overall.

Match landing page headline

Once a user clicks on your Ads, the first thing they see should be a dedicated landing page that is related to the information you offered on your copy. Make landing pages that correspond to the products presented through the Ad copies. If your offer states a prize for purchasing some items, then you should have a landing page that offers information about this offer. Users would like to learn more about what you promise to offer so they can decide.

Make a post sign up page offer

In the sales and marketing process, you should strike while the rod is red hot. Nothing radiates more heat like users who convert through your forms. To achieve this, you can use a post sign up offer that gives users maximum value. Enhance the value of every AdWords click by creating additional products, services and content. Although this strategy might not reduce your overall acquisition cost, you can achieve more value per customer.


So you have a user who just landed on your site but left without even clicking the exit popup. Does that mean it is done? No, in fact you can reap more through such users by gradually showing them content they could be interested in. Use cookies to store the preferences of the user so you can keep showing this information through their browser to increase familiarity with what you offer. This will mean continued marketing that could last up to several months, and all through this period you will not incur additional AdWords costs.

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