What is the difference between paid and organic search results?

SME Google AdWords V SEOThe search engine is the most dominant instrument on the internet. Mostly, when you use a search engine, it provides you with paid and organic search results.

Paid Search results

Paid search are organic results that come along with ads. This is one of the main ways in which search engine companies make money. These ads are always displayed on the top of your search results or in a sidebar on the search page. This is the reason why paid search results are called ‘Ads.’

Organic Search results

Organic search results are the feedback given by search engines such as Google. These search results are usually not paid. Organic results display with priority given to:

  • Website traffic
  • Significance of the content
  • Relevance to keyword

A non-specialist might fail to realize that they are looking at both paid and organic results when they search the internet. The relevance of the search results can be best determined if one recognizes the difference between the two. Furthermore, paid search results are more relevant to a shopping search than research.

Advantages of Paid search results

  • Better Targeting: Paid search results are meant to reach a particular audience. For example, paid searches can reach out to specific locations, devices, industries, and levels of education, etc
  • It saves time: Paid search results display on the first page, unlike Organic search results which can take even a year to show on the first page.
  • Higher Click rates: Searches using words that imply greater intention to buy will get more clicks than organic search results. Higher impressions on the results page create greater chances of an Ad being clicked.

Disadvantages of Paid search results

  • It is short term: The paid search results are only visible when the owner has paid for them.
  • Cost implication: The bid price for each click is usually dependent on the competitiveness of the keyword. To get top rankings, you have to invest your resources.
  • Unreliability: Most of the times users will trust organic results rather than paid ones.

Advantages of Organic search results

  • More trust: There is a perception that websites with high search engine rankings are reliable. High search rankings symbolize power. This knowledge increases confidence which leads to more clicks on the site.
  • It is easy to maintain ranking: When you achieve top ranking, it is easy to keep that position. You can grow client base and command authority since the position can be long term. Wikipedia.org is a good example.

Disadvantages of Organic search results

  • Needs more Resources: Achieving high rankings require SEO tactics and creating creative content.
  • It takes a lot of time: Depending on the relevance of the keywords used, the Organic search result can take months to get to the top of a search engine result page.

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