The similarities between onsite SEO and user experience

Onsite SEO practices refer to the various ways used in optimizing a site so that it can rank high with search engines. The practices must be done within the website unlike the other tasks carried elsewhere to change a site’s indexing. They focus on simple things that you can do as a website owner. However, they must be done properly for you to enjoy the benefits of best onsite SEO practices. Here are some of them:

Page Titles

The page titles are important as they not only appear on a webpage, buy they are at the top of page. They also appear in links, which are sometimes shared on other platforms including social media. To make the titles effective in internet marketing, make sure they contain your main keywords. Avoid long titles by making sure it 60 or less characters. Remember, the titles should stand out despite being brief. They contribute a lot in selling your webpage.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions give brief information about your page content. The search engines use these text snippets to make people click on your website when they get search results. However, not every page should have the compelling description. These pages include legal disclaimers and service terms. Their content does not need to be marketed. Excellent meta descriptions must be written in attractive sales language and act as call to action for potential customers. Make sure the brief information contains your keywords and not over 160 characters. But, you should note that these Meta descriptions are a chance for you sell but not a search engine ranking factor.

Headers and Sub-headers

The headers are those headlines at the top of a webpage before the text block. In SEO, they are important as bots use them to determine most influential page to appear on the first page of search results. Each page has to have a single H1 page heading plus other sub-headings referred to as H2, H3, and H4 and so on. The main page heading should have the keyword phrase and give a brief description of the page’s content. Include the keywords in the sub-headings too.

Quality Page Content

The quality of the content on your web pages must be top notch. Cover your area of specialty with a lot of expertise to make your content substantial and more reliable than other similar web content pages. You do this by making sure it is well written, proofread, contains only quality links and its professionally edited.

Mobile Responsiveness

A huge percent of the world’ population is searching for information online using their mobile phones. Therefore, it is important to make your website mobile responsive to reach as many people as possible. This is one of the best onsite SEO practices and brings in positive results fast. The phone numbers must be clickable and you shouldn’t use flash. Also remove all the unnecessary content and users will navigate easily using their mobile phones.

These are just few of the best onsite SEO practices and they have been proven to bring good results. Your website will improve and with time, it will translate into sales.

How to make your website run faster

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Making Every Visit To Your Website Count: Guide To Conversion Rate Optimization

Marketing teams in the current world of business are structured to drive traffic to their websites, which leads to conversions. Immediately this process begins delivering results, marketers pursue ideas that could generate even more traffic and probably more success. In the process, marketing teams overlook the fact that they could also use existing traffic to get more. This is where conversion rate optimization gets into play by allowing marketers to design useful strategies that are targeted towards enhancing the development of their businesses. Continue reading “Making Every Visit To Your Website Count: Guide To Conversion Rate Optimization”